Google AdWords

Available January 15th 2016.

What if you could use a proven online marketing tactic for driving more traffic to your website next week than you’ve had in the past six months combined? What if you could deploy this tactic and start getting traffic within minutes?

The answer is Google AdWords.

Before you start flinching as you imagine big dollar signs smashing your hopes for turning a profit, wait. This is a tactic successful businesses everywhere rely on, and the reason is that a very small investment of time and money with Google AdWords can pay off with massive rewards, if you do it right.

This eBook will answer some important questions, such as:

  • What exactly IS Google AdWords?
  • How does AdWords work?
  • What will running AdWords campaigns cost?
  • How can I control what I spend? Is there some way to stay in control?
  • How do I create ads that get results?
  • Is there an easy way to test whether I’m running the best ads I can?
  • How do I learn which keywords are going to work well for me?
  • How can I make sure the traffic that reaches my site converts into sales?
  • What you need to do so that Google LOVES your ads.
  • How can you optimize your ads to get even better results?
  • What can you do to get even more mileage out of every ad you run?
  • How to get started right now – even if you don’t want to do it yourself, and where to go for more help.