How To Hire A Web Designer

This eBook will help you find the perfect web development partner for your business.  Learn how to ask the right questions, avoid getting scammed and burned, and eliminate “gotcha” expenses and surprises related to hiring a web designer.

This is the best primer on the topic and illustrates that offering strong content is a great way to attract business and present your business as an expert on a topic. Kudos to Phil on this contribution that is better and more up-to-date than a Dummies book.
Dr. Raymond Brill

This eBook includes a list of questions to ask, clauses that you must include in every web design contract, and what to expect during the process.

Maybe the best value of this book is that it will definitely empower you to know how to tell who’s blowing smoke up your dress and who’s not. That . . . is reason enough to arm yourself with this wonderful book.
Bill Doer

You will learn a little above search engine optimization and why you need to consider Google and your overall marketing strategy before you hire a web designer or engage a web development agency.

This eBook was an Amazon category best-seller in September of 2015:

how to hire a web design agency


how to hire a web designer
  • Published: September 17th 2015
  • Authored by: Phil Singleton
  • Published by: CreateSpace
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