Recalibrate for Life 2.0

After you’ve been a business owner, a CEO, or any kind of corporate executive, how do you reinvent yourself?

When you’ve followed a script your whole life, what do you do when you don’t know the next chapter?

More importantly…how do you create a new story?

In Recalibrate for Life 2.0, you’ll find conversations with fourteen executives, C-level corporate leaders, and business owners who offer straight-forward insights, ideas and strategies they used to carve out a path to a new career and a new life—a Life 2.0.

Recalibrate for Life 2.0 also offers a summary of key takeaways and questions to ask yourself as you develop your own plan for Life 2.0. This Workbook also introduces a simple, four-step plan that will get you started. You will assess, plan, and then explore and experiment to test your ideas and interests.

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  • Available: 15th February 2016
  • Authored by: Susan Spaulding
  • Published by:  Recalibrate Strategies
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