Reputation Management

Available March 20th 2017.

So what is reputation management and why is it so important? And how do you take control of your reputation online?

Online reviews are now considered by many trusted SEO sources to be one of the top factors for local search (when someone searches using their location or adding a location in the search phrase they use). Online reviews are a critical component of reputation management.

This book covers monitoring online reviews, how to create a review funnel to help drive strong reviews on the sites that matter most to your business, the role social media plays in reputation, and making sure that your business is credibly and accurately listed on key directory sites.

Other important topics covered in the hook include how to get feedback from clients before they write a negative review, how to respond to a negative review (yes you should respond), and how to create an online process to consistently drive new reviews for your business.

Reputation Management (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses) Front Cover

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