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DO LEADERSHIP: A Step By Step Guide To
"Doing" Thought Leadership

"Quite simply, becoming a thought leader happens as you attract people who recognize you as someone worth listening to and following. Making this happen is not as difficult as it sounds, and as you read this book, you'll see what an important role content creation plays in building your credibility."

John Jantsch, Founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, Author of "Duct Tape Marketing," "Duct Tape Selling," and "The Referral Engine."


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What Could a Powerful Referral Marketing Program Do for Your Business? Have you been wracking your brain trying to figure out how to get referrals for your business, but you’re uncomfortable putting people on the spot? You keep hearing how much easier and more profitable it is to work with customers who come to you as referrals – they already know, like, and trust you because someone they respect recommended you. But when you take a look at most referral programs, they just don’t seem like… you. You don’t want to become “that guy” who asks everyone within arm’s reach for the names of three people who need what he sells, right? The ideas in this book can help you tap into the most powerful form of marketing that exists: Referral Marketing. Read it and take action, and you will soon have an unstoppable stream of ideal customers for any business.

DO LEADERSHIP: A Step By Step Guide To Doing Thought Leadership For Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners

Think Thought Leadership Is Just for the Big Guys?

They’d sure like you to think so! The truth is, if you’re like most business owners and solopreneurs, you’re just ‘this’ far from becoming a respected thought leader in your industry. Along with that title comes a host of benefits, including a faster sales cycle, an endless stream of referrals, and the ability to command top dollar for the products and services you sell. The problem is, you don’t exactly get paid to sit and think great thoughts. You get paid to do what you do in your business – and it takes every minute of the day to do it well.

So, how does an already busy business owner become a thought leader? You forget about being a thought leader and become a DO leader instead. True, thought leaders don’t just brag about how smart they are. They demonstrate their expertise by providing their customers and prospects with the kind of information they crave and need.  They educate their prospects, they show them how to solve their problems, and teach them how to become better consumers in the industry.

If the idea of leveraging your expertise to skyrocket your position in your industry while also virtually eliminating the need to sell ever again – all without spending big money – sounds appealing to you, read on. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  - Why becoming a thought leader is the surest way to propel your business to the next level
 - What’s standing in the way of claiming your rightful position as a thought leader
 - A simple, workable definition of thought leadership that’s manageable for regular folks (not just CEOs!)
 - How thought leadership fits into your marketing and business mix
 - A simple step-by-step guide to “doing” thought leadership that leaves you crystal clear on what to do, and how to do it, and when to do it.

Your competitors hope you’ll keep right on scoffing at the idea that you could become the next thought leader in your industry – after all, if you won’t step up, it leaves more room for them. Read, strategize, and then DO, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of being a thought leader in your field.

A Word From The Authors

Duct Tape Marketing Consultants know busy. It’s their busy business owner and solopreneur clients more than any other who simultaneously need and avoid one of the most powerful results-producing strategies ever to hit the world of marketing: Thought Leadership. That prevailing avoidance is why the authors wrote this book. Thought Leadership seems too lofty, too cerebral, too costly a tool for small and mid-sized businesses to wield. After all, when was the last time you got paid to sit and think great thoughts, anyway?  Duct Tape Marketing is nothing if not practical – and that’s what these acclaimed marketing consultants have created with this guide. Forget about being just a “thought” leader and engage in DO Leadership instead. (Spoiler Alert: You’re probably already halfway there, and don’t even know it!)  In Do Leadership, Nicole Croizier, Laura B. Lorenz, Ray L. Perry, and Kelly Weppler-Hernandez join forces to strip the mystique out of this dynamo of a marketing strategy and put it within reach of a business of any size. This book is dedicated to helping you gain the edge you need to communicate better, lead with power, and have all the success you desire and deserve.


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