Laura B. Lorenz

Laura LorenzLaura is a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. She is COO and partner at Leading Results, Inc. a marketing consulting firm that specializes in empowering B2B owners and businesses to achieve success – located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Laura goes deep wherever she is. From the heights of the sky (yes, she sky-dives) to the depths of the sea (she scuba-dives) she digs into whatever she puts her hands to. Oh yes, and in her free-time she gardens – turning over existing soil to break it up to go deeper and get more out of it for her plants.

Her marketing mantra is “Do the right thing consistently,” and do so with zest! Having worked in business software sales and marketing for 25+ years, she is very qualified to coach in thought leadership.

Born in Ogdensburg, NY – she attributes her success to being raised by an amazing, supportive, and overcoming family. That support along with her passion for getting the most out of things, overflows into her passion for business owners and their thought leadership. Helping them determine their unique opinion and having the knowledge about how to get it out in the marketplace is what Laura does. “Do” Leadership – A Step by Step Guide to “Doing” Thought Leadership“ exemplifies her communicating and spreading this knowledge.

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