Susan Spaulding

Susan Spaulding

Recalibrate Strategies

Susan’s 30-plus year career in marketing and management consulting brings together her hallmark curiosity about how things work and her savvy on human behavior. She leverages insights, ideas, and strategies for helping others to create an inspiring future for themselves and their businesses.

Susan knew that the “silver tsunami” of retiring Baby Boomers meant that millions are asking some tough questions: What do I do after I retire? How can I prepare my business for a successful hand-off? Can I reinvent my career?

Her expertise and experience offers top leaders strategic paths for navigating the challenges of leaving behind a business and finding success in Life 2.0. Susan has helped clients all over the world recalibrate for personal and business success. And, now she is offering an innovative system for engineering a clean exit and new interests.

Susan is a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. She lives and works in Kansas City where she consults on business strategies, coaches C-suite executives, and writes about the dynamic trends in business and leadership transitions.